SPOT Vision

What happened to hanging out, sharing moments, and getting to know each other in person? It seems that nowadays we mostly hide behind our digital screens, interacting in a virtual world of Likes, Follows and Hashtags.

SPOT was created to fill a need for a fun and fast way to let anyone create or join local events. These events can be for sport activities, hobbies, singles events, community events, or services.

Our goal is to help people connect in the real world, while doing something fun.

With SPOT we hope to encourage a generation of phone-addicts to put their phones downs and meet new friends, outside our phones.


Oren Peli
Founder & Ceo

Oren Peli recently became known when his indie horror movie PARANORMAL ACTIVITY became a worldwide hit. Filmed at his own home with an investment of only $15,000 the film exploded virally via limited screening and word of mouth, and generated nearly $200 million in box office receipts and launched a franchise that made nearly $900 million thus far.

In total, during Oren’s brief film career, his films have generated $1.3 Billion.

Before Oren’s Hollywood adventures with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, Oren worked as a software developer for many decades. At the age of sixteen he quit high school to develop PHOTON PAINT, a highly successful graphics program for the Commodore Amiga. He later worked as a video game programmer for various companies, including Sony.

With SPOT, he has now returned to his software roots.

The idea for SPOT started a few years back when Oren found himself single in his late thirties and wishing for a simple and fun way to connect with local people to share mutual interests.

Not happy with the available solutions, he set out to create SPOT.

When not working on SPOT, Oren enjoys watching movies, travelling, photography, hiking and spending time with his two daughters.


Oren Zbeda

For over 25 years, Oren Zbeda has worked as project manager and lead engineer in charge of large teams.

He developed commercially successful products used by tens of thousands of businesses.

He also works as a consultant for hi-tech startups in Israel.

Oren lives in Israel with his wife and five kids.