SPOT was created to fill a need for a fun and fast way to let anyone create or join local events.  These events can be for sport activities, hobbies, singles events, community events, or services.  

Our goal is to help people connect in the real world while doing something fun.

Our Tutorial video is a good place to start for some of the ins and outs of using SPOT:

Or… maybe our FAQ can help:

What exactly is SPOT? SpotLogo.png

SPOT is the easiest way to find events in your area and meet new friends. With SPOT you can create your own events or join local events posted by other people.

SPOT is a social network that brings real people together in the real world. We don’t just ‘share’ our experiences, friendships, and adventures - we make real moments in real life.

What is a SPOT event?

By definition, a SPOT event has a location and specific date & time for an activity. It also has a description, an event photo, a maximum number of participants, optional age and gender limits and a few other parameters.

Any SPOT user can create an event.  Any SPOT user can join other people’s events, as long as they meet their age / gender parameters.

What kinds of events can I create?

We encourage everyone to create SPOT events to share your hobbies and activities with others. There's no better way to meet new friends than while engaged in a hobby you are passionate about.

Events can be public for the purpose of meeting new friends, or private to share only with people you choose.

Create Event.png

Events can be limited by age, or only for male or female, or both.

As the event creator you can also determine the maximum number of participants.

Events can be in any of the four main categories listed below: Sports, Hobbies, Singles, Community.

What are the event categories?

What are Public and Private Events?

Public events are for meeting new friends. Everyone can see a public event listed in SPOT.

Private Event.png Private events are for planning events with friends you already know. Unlike Public events which are visible to all, Private events are hidden and can only be seen by users you have shared the event with.

After you have created a Private event, you will need to invite your friends, otherwise no one will know about it.

Note that you can always edit an event and change it from Private to Public or vice-versa after it has been created.

How do I join other people's events?

Once you have found an event you want to join, all you need to do is click Join Event. You can send a personalized message to the host along with the join request.

The event creator will get an instant notification that you have requested to join their event. They can view your profile, send you a private message, or simply approve (or decline) your join request.

Once your request has been approved, you are now part of the event!

Share Event / Invite friends


You can Share SPOT events by posting them on Facebook or Twitter, or directly invite friends via SMS / Email.  All you need to do is click the share button on the top right of your event page.

SPOT also lets you invite other “SPOT Friends”.  SPOT automatically suggests SPOT Friends after you have attended events with other SPOT users.

What is a Trusted Spotter / SMS Verification?

Trusted Spotter.png After you create a SPOT account and verify your email address, you can become a “Trusted Spotter” by verifying your account via SMS.

Once you have become a Trusted Spotter, you could create events that only other Trusted Spotters can join.  Or join events that are only open to other Trusted Spotters.

This is recommended for extra of security, but entirely optional.

What are badges?

Badges.png SPOT Badges are earned for various achievements.  You get badges for verifying your email address, for becoming a Trusted Spotter, and for creating or attending a certain number of events.

SPOT users can see each other's badges to know if they are Trusted Spotters, and get a quick sense for how active they are.

How do I search for events?

The map at the upper portion of the screen determines the geographic area you’ll be searching for events.  You can move the map around, or zoom in or out by pinching the map with two fingers.

You can search for events by keywords, or filter events by category, age / gender, or limit the search to specific date ranges.

My Events larger blend2.png The menu at the top is Spot Events by default, meaning we display all SPOT events, but you can select My Events to only see events that you have created or attending, pending, or declined. This option is a convenient way to get a brief overview of all events you are involved in.

What are Suggested Events?

Below the list of upcoming events, we display “Suggest Events to Create”.

They consist of your own past events (if any), and then some of our ideas for events you can create.

How can I repeat my previous events?

You can see a list of your current and past events in your profile page.  If you select one of the past events, you’ll see a “REPEAT” button on top.  That’ll allow you to create the event again at a new time and date.

I have more questions!

We’d love to hear from you.  If this FAQ didn’t answer your question, you have a problem using SPOT, or a suggestion on how to make SPOT better, please don’t hesitate to email us at dev@spotapp.io and we promise to get back to you ASAP!