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What is SPOT?


SPOT is the easiest way to find events in your area and meet new friends. With SPOT you can create your own events or join local events posted by other people.

SPOT is a social network that brings real people together in the real world. We don’t just ‘share’ our experiences, friendships, and adventures – we make real moments in real life.

What is a SPOT event?

Spot events are whatever you want them to be! It can be beach volleyball, a book club, a park bbq, lasertag, or even a singles event. You set the time, place, and who can join. Or you can join someone else’s Spot event.

Create Event.png

Create SPOT events to share your hobbies and activities with others. Use them to find new friends or just share them with a select group of people. You decide how big a group, if it’s just the girls or just the boys — whatever makes the right mix of people!

Choose from these categories: Sports, Hobbies, Singles, Community.


SPORT: Find activity partner for your favorite sport. Get a group together for your favorite outdoor activity (hiking / jogging / cycling), or find a last minute sub for your team sport.



Cat_Hobbies.pngHOBBIES: Hobbies are more fun in groups! Bowling, poetry reading, bird-watching, photography, programming, knitting, card games, board games… let others know what you’re up to and make it a group event!





SINGLES: Getting sick of Tinder and other matching services that always end up with you telling your life story again over dinner?  With SPOT Singles events you can meet local singles while doing something fun.  Didn’t meet anyone?  No big deal – you still had a good time doing something fun!  No pressure!  Some ideas:  Hiking, bowling, movie-night, day at a theme-park, board games, pool party, etc.



NEIGHBORHOOD: Want to round up volunteers for a good cause? Need help moving a sofa? Want to let people know about a garage sale? Need someone to walk your dog? Community Events allow you to connect with locals willing to help or provide services.


What are Public and Private Events?

Private Event.png

Public events are for meeting new friends. Everyone can see public events in SPOT. But the creator of the public event must approve anyone that wants to join.

Private events are for planning events with people you already know. Unlike Public events which are visible to all, Private events are hidden and can only be seen by users through invitation.

You can always edit an event and change it from Private to Public or vice-versa after it has been created.

How do I join other people's events?

Once you have found something you want to do, you need to let the event creator know that you’d like to come along. You can also send a personalized message to the host with the request to join.

The event creator will get an instant notification that you have requested to join their event. They can view your profile, send you a private message or approve your join request.

Once your request has been approved, you are now part of the event!

Share Event / Invite friends

Invite.pngShare SPOT events by posting them on Facebook / Twitter or directly invite friends by text / email.  All you need to do is click the share button on the top right of your event page.

SPOT also lets you invite other “SPOT Friends”.  SPOT automatically suggests SPOT Friends after you have attended events with other SPOT users.

What is a Trusted Spotter / SMS Verification?

Trusted Spotter.pngAfter you create a SPOT account and verify your account, you become a “Trusted Spotter”.

As a Trusted Spotter, you can create events that only other Trusted Spotters can join or join events that are only open to other Trusted Spotters.

Being a “Trusted Spotter” is completely optional — it helps us know that you’re a real person!

What are badges?
Badges.pngSPOT Badges let people know if you’re a Trusted Spotter or if you’ve created / gone to events. Get new badges the more events you host or attend.
How do I search for events?

My Events larger blend2.png

The map at the top of the screen shows you the events happening in that area.  You can move the map around, or zoom in or out by pinching the map with two fingers.

You can search for events by keywords, or filter events by category, age / gender, or limit the search to specific date ranges.

You are automatically defaulted to Spot Events so you’ll see all SPOT events, but you can select My Events to only see events that you have created or attending, pending, or declined. This gives you a convenient way to see all events you’re involved in.

How can I repeat my previous events?
It’s really easy to repost an event. If you’re an enthusiast or regularly do something and you want to post again, just scroll down to suggested events, and you’ll see ones that you’ve posted in the past. Spot will preload all the info from your past event and all you have to do is change the date and time. It’s easy and you can even automatically invite everyone that attended the last event!
I still have a question!

We’d love to hear from you.  If this FAQ didn’t answer your question, you have a problem using SPOT, or a suggestion on how to make SPOT better, please don’t hesitate to email us at and we promise to get back to you ASAP!